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Forensic and Fraud Investigations

Most employers do not realize deception has occurred until is too late. Often, there are red flags however, in a busy thriving business they go unnoticed. Our investigation will address the specific issues facing your company, provide you with the facts surrounding the situation,  and give you the best options for dealing with the offending employees. Our consultations include steps to improve your processes and prevent reoccurrance. Our understanding of the environment in small to medium size businesses help us tailor an internal control structure and anti-fraud program for your company.   

Financial Elder Fraud

  Broadly defined, financial elder abuse is when someone illegally or improperly uses a vulnerable senior's money or other property for personal gain. Senior citizens are targets for specific types of fraud scams and schemes. Financial fraud against the elderly doesn’t only impact the victim; it impacts the entire family. Fraud causes confusion, disrupts lives, and can tear families apart.  

Locate Assets, Documents or Missing Persons

Our investigators will perform searches to find assets or documents needed for a wide variety or purposes. We can help to identify and locate individuals whether you would like to interview, serve, hire, or investigate them. The individual may be a witness or an heir.   An asset search can be critical when determining what kind of legal action needs to be taken. You may need to determine which assets are available so that you’ll know if litigation will be worthwhile. Or perhaps you need to locate hidden assets in cases of divorce. We use comprehensive searches along with a host of other investigative techniques to uncover and document the existence of assets, from property and homes to cars, planes and boats. 

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