Investigation Services

We provide services for individuals and businesses

Asset Investigations

Asset searches can be an extremely valuable tool for attorneys, investors, executives and individuals, if conducted by an experienced private investigator with the proper skills and resources. In addition to tangible assets, financial accounts and revenue/income sources, a comprehensive search should also reveal liabilities, bankruptcies, liens and lawsuits, resulting in a complete financial profile that is both accurate and actionable.   

Fraud Investigations

When thinking of fraud, most people think it will not happen to them. The most common forms of employment fraud are theft, embezzlement, and forgery. Most employers do not realize these happen every day. We perform checks in these areas:

  • Background checks for new and existing employees
  • Help you identify for red flags to prevent future fraud
  • Investigate fraud if it has already occurred
  • Identify issues that may have allowed the theft to prevent future issues
  • Design processes specifically for small businesses to prevent recurrance of fraud 

We know that when something is nor tight in your business, it's disturbing. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small organization with a part time staff.  

Our team is committed to investigating financial irregularities and providing you the answers needed, no matter the size or scope of the situation.

Background Investigations

New relationship - business or personal 

  •  Background checks can also be helpful to verify an individual's identity adding a measure of safety and security to a business or personal relationship.  

Employment background

  •   The most common forms of employment fraud are embezzlement, theft, and forgery. New businesses are particularly vulnerable to this as they are trusting of their new hires. Most companies do not realize they are victims of some form of fraud every day. Background checks are for new and existing employees.     

Financial Elder Fraud

  Broadly defined, financial elder abuse is when someone illegally or improperly uses a vulnerable senior's money or other property for personal gain. Senior citizens are targets for specific types of fraud scams and schemes. Financial fraud against the elderly doesn’t only impact the victim; it impacts the entire family. It causes confusion, disrupts lives, and can tear families apart.  

Locate Missing Persons or Documents

 We provide investigative services to locate:

  • Missing persons
  • Long lost family members
  • Missing heirs
  • Missing documents